Transmission Shield

4.9.1 Auto Trans Protection (2015 – 2016 ANDRA Rulebook)

The following vehicles using automotive based automatic transmissions, must be fitted with;

an SFI approved ballistic blanket
or an external protective shield fabricated brom a minimum 6mm (¼ inch) aluminium or 3mm (1 1/8 inch) steel offering 180 degrees or protection (pan rail to pan rail), mounted securely with two steel straps 3mm thick and 25mm wide passing under the transmission, or any transmission shield meeting SFI 4.1, installed to manufacturers requirements. Transmission cases meeting SFI 4.1 are required to be fitted as per the manufacturers specification.

  • All dragsters / altereds / funny cars.
  • All vehicles using transmission brake.
  • All supercharged vehicles (inc nitrous oxide) with and ET quicker than 11.00 (¼ mile) / 7.00 (1 1/8 mile).
  • All vehciles quicker than 10.00 (¼ mile) / 7.00 (1 1/8 mile).

Any external shield or blanket must be removed from the vehicle for checking during the Technical Inspection.

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